Cayin CS-40TC35: digital bridge

Hi, friends! 

About one and a half years ago I tamed "an elegant digital snake", the coaxial Cayin CS-30TCR cable. And so, I hurry to brag, in my serpentarium great replenishment - her younger relative, CS-40TC35.

The hero of our today's review is also intended for a conclusion of a digital (Caoxial) signal with USB type-C on the 3.5 mm connector. But works it generally only with DAPs from brand Cayin. Though recently at me it turned out to make connection it with Hiby R3. And here with other devices having the similar socket, all experiments were vain.

CS-40TC35 will be very useful if you use the portable player as transport for transfer of a digital signal on external DAC.

Well, let's in more detail understand habits and an exterior of our "snake"!

Text by Alexey Kashirskey aka Hans Barbarossa




Type-C to 3.5mm Coaxial Cable specially designed for Cayin DAPs

Can work with DAC with 3.5mm Coaxial input, such as Chord Mojo and Hugo2

High performance low loss high bandwidth 75ohmn cable

Properly shielded for interference free connection

Flexible cable structure with angled connectors, perfectly fit for portable applicaitons.

Gold planted 3.5mm TRS connector

Appearance and kit

The cable is packed into a rectangular black box from cardboard which wide the white adhesive tape with the cable drawing and the name of model is put on. Inside we find the cable pressed in the foam block.



CS-40TC35 is light, flexible, with small effect of memory S/PDIF cable. The accurate black braid is made of fabric material. It's a high performance low loss high bandwidth 75ohmn cable.The conductor - single-crystal copper, shielded to protect against interference. On the one hand the gilded-shaped USB Type-C socket, with another - 3,5mm jack reminding Oyaide P-3.5GL with the put intricate stroke of "Cayin" was placed.




The cable looks nice and reliable, even if you wish there is nothing to complain about it.


As I already mentioned, my close acquaintance with the “elder brother” of today's guest has been lasting for a year and a half, and during this time he never failed me and disappointed me, our feelings only grow stronger. CS-30TCR I use mainly in conjunction with a stationary system and a portable iFI micro iDSD BL that have a coaxial RCA connector.



My new friend, CS-40TC35, also turned out to be absolutely indispensable and helps out when connecting to my recent pet, iFI xDSD, by outputting a digital signal from a USB type-C connector of a Cayin N3 DAP to a 3.5 mm xDSD coaxial input.



The cable was ideal also for my friend's Chord Mojo DAC, so now that on the way to the order of a shock setup: Cayin N5 IIS + CS-40TC35 + Chord Mojo.


Than it is so good, you ask me? I answer: in contrast to the "handmade" cables here sounding has more dense, powerful and adult character, with a minimum of noise and distortions. Any miracles, just competent realization and the good conductor do the just serious work.





We summarize: using any modern Cayin player and CS-40TC35, we can transmit a digital signal from the USB type-C connector to the input of a 3.5 mm Coaxial DAC. It turns out easy and convenient.

In my opinion, CS-40TC35 will fit almost any DAC with 3.5 mm coaxial input (TS / TRS).


Useful thing in a very high-quality execution. If you have a DAC with a digital 3.5 mm coaxial input, and you need a portable source / transport for transfer of a digital signal on it, then you can use Cayin DAP with USB type-C output and a link in the form of CS-40TC35. If the S / PDIF input is with RCA, then CS-30TCR is perfect for it.

Well, the price of CS-40TC35 is more than humane. In the online shop it is equal to only $ 19.99. No doubt the cable is worth the money.



Pros - Convenience, quality of production, signal quality, price

Cons - No

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