FLC 8N: 36 in 1

I think, many in the childhood were loved by the designers allowing to collect without a break in the evenings from the same details the tractor, the ship, the plane. And engineers of the FLC Technology company, apparently, designers just adored because to fans of a good sound they suggest us to become workmen and to safely give an imagination scope, finishing earphones under the most whimsical inquiries. If you have now thought that I exaggerate for the sake of a witty remark, then just read up this review up to the end and all you will understand.

Approximately a year ago I managed to listen for a moment to the hybrid modelka of FLC 8S earphones constructed on one dynamic and two reinforcing radiators. The possibility of correction of a sound was feature of this model (36 options!) at the expense of special replaceable filters. And though our acquaintance has turned out chaotic, I looked for since then chance to strengthen it and to understand slowly such promising development. And here quite unexpectedly I managed to catch two novelties from FLC Technology. I will tell about the budgetary FLC 8D model slightly later, and today with us FLC 8N going for change of that 8S.

Text by Alexey Kashirskey aka Hans Barbarossa


Driver: 8.6 mm dynamic driver and dual balanced armature driver

Sensitivity: 107 dB/mw

Frequency response: 20- 20 000 HZ

Connector: 0.78 mm 2pin connector

Housing: Metal


Appearance, set and ergonomics

IEMs comfortably settle down in a pleasant box of olive color. On her face the squeezed-out silvery logo of a brand is placed. Under a cover it is found the detailed instruction, and behind her on a bright yellow insert earphones and a round jar in which accessories lie. In this stylish "washer" it is possible to store and carry earphones. And at last, under the foamy basis the plastic tweezers for replacement of the filters influencing a sound lie.




Accessories here whole army: 8 couples of the most different tips, a metal flask charm in which filters, tweezers, the device for cleaning sound pipe, the adapter 6,3/3,5mm , additional small filters (on a case of loss of the main), a clothespeg for fastening of a cable to clothes (a convenient, by the way, thing) and an above-mentioned jar are stored.

Shell of earphones is metal, positive turquoise-blue color. Earphones are easy, convenient and ergonomic, landing also comfortable. Assembly of claims doesn't cause, a hint on side plays or gaps. 

On an external half of the case small ravines of a brand and port for the subbass filter. On inside port for placement of the low-frequency filter also three tiny openings forming a triangle are placed sound pipe in which Mid/High the filter is screwed in (as I understand this certain similarity of the phase inverter).



From above cases there is a socket for connection of a cable.

Blue cable in tone of earphones. He the 4 wire, replaceable. Connectors 2pin with deepening in nests. Jack L-shaped with gilding. Upon purchase it is possible to choose 3,5 mm usual (as in my case) or 2,5 mm balance. The cable is elastic, it is made of copper of high cleaning 7N, purity of the conductor of 99,99998%. In general he looks completely reliable.

For a set, design and assembly earphones unambiguously receive from me five stars!



Are included in the package (considering that at once are installed by the producer in earphones):

4 couples for installation in sound pipes

Blue - lower Mids / lower High

Green - neutral Mids / the raised High

Graphite (according to gunmetal producer) - neutral Mids / neutral High

Installation outside of the shell

White - the lowered low-frequency range

Gray - neutral low-frequency range

Black - the increased low-frequency range

Internal part of the shell

Transparent - the lowered lowest low-frequency

Graphite (gunmetal) - neutral lowest low-frequency

Red - the increased lowest low-frequency



I strongly recommend to be engaged in replacement of filters over a table and it is extremely accurate not to lose them suddenly.

And now we pass to the main thing, to a sound.


Listening was carried out on MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso DX200 (AMP7), iFI xDSD, and iFI micro iDSD Black Lable.

With all devices IEMs was played wonderfully well. Before use they have been burn about 45-50 hours that has positively influenced their sounding.


At once I will note that to compare new model 8n with old 8s in principle it would be incorrect as I already definitely don't remember with what combination of settings I listened 8s. Besides there were others both tips, and a custom cable, and acquaintance to those earphones was too fleeting. I can tell, however, that similar these models have more, than various.

To anyway describe giving of these ears – a task extremely difficult, at them is the whole 36 options of various shades of a sound.

Personally I have stopped on the "balanced" combination: graphite (gunmetal), gray, graphite (gunmetal), sometimes lifting area of a subbass the red filter or a bass - black. But it, of course, the matter of taste, other variations similarly have the right for application. For example, ears with the gold filter installed in sound waters very beautifully sound. It gives to expressiveness to the mid-frequency range and an expression to voice parts.

I can testify that FLC 8N are earphones with carefully thought over system of control of a sound.


Several possible combinations of settings of a sound (sound pipe/outside/inside)

Can be suitable for vocal genres: gold, white, transparent

For rock and pop music: gold, black, graphite (gunmetal)

Piano or string music: green, white, transparent

Light music: graphite (gunmetal), white, transparent

Classical: green, white, transparent

And the most universal, balanced option: graphite (gunmetal), gray, graphite (gunmetal). As I have already told, with him I also tested this IEM.

Sounding with such choice of filters, in my opinion, neutral, well balanced, smooth, with direct and powerful shot, with an enviable speed, harmonious working off micro and macronuances.

The sound picture is drawn contrastly, wholly, with magnificent transfer of sound timbres.

Giving of a sound dense, exact and dynamic. There is both a weight, and neutral analyticity with a good portrayal of fine details, and dense layered musicality where each sound possesses the corporal basis.

Low frequencies please with decent cotton, powerful, but without search, direct shot and a fast, harmonious bass. Fine study of textures, pressure and speed.

Mids is smooth, detailed, well textured, with worthy division of tools and transfer of an emotional component of compositions.

High frequencies have a pleasant "tasty" color. On some tracks where there is a rise in this register, can slip a delicate hint on sibilyanta, but there is it quite seldom and is never beyond decency, and 50 hours of warming up later and at the correct selection of tips doesn't pay attention to itself at all.

When replacing the subbas filter on red it is possible to achieve a bigger power and a pressure. Also it will lead to the best study of depth of space and speeding up in the field of low frequencies - obeys is very fascinating.

If to replace control sound, having chosen the gold filter, then sounding becomes more emotional, "juicy", melodious, with amazingly detailed and melodious middle and emphasis on string and voice parts.


In general, tuning of a sound of these ears strikes with the variety. Replacement of filters allows to find for itself absolutely unique handwriting.

Virtual space of the average sizes, it proportionally and harmoniously is built both in width, and in depth. Laudable coherence of drivers pleases. Sounding turns out uniform, not separated on separate components.

Exclusively interesting IEM if not to tell more.


Billy Idol «Worlds forgotten boy»

«..Sound tow'rs will crumble down,

I see ev'rything is broken down.

His heart is breaking and recorded in sound.

We need a miracle joy, we need a miracle boy,

A rock and roll toy, a rock and roll joy,

a rock and roll boy!»

The composition sounds massivno, fascinatingly, with an expression, as well as it is necessary to songs Billy.

Low frequencies are worked out and have decent dense blow, good control and decent speed. Even it is surprising that the dynamic radiator can so smartly and precisely hit the mark.

Mids move smoothly and purely, quickly and melodiously, with an impressive portrayal macro - and macronuances. Each tool has the corporal basis and is accurately outlined in space. The drive and a guitar roar strike with the high-speed characteristics and the attack. The emotional component of composition is brightly transferred.

High frequencies have an unostentatious accurate color with small simplification here. He doesn't spoil an overall picture, even opposite, melodies begin to sound more fierily.

And if there is a wish to add composition of massiveness and depth, then take filters in hand. Juggle with settings of low frequencies for the taste and color.

There is desire to add emotions, expressivity - please, the gold filter will tasty lift mids.

It is necessary to strangle highs? Easily, your color blue.

And if you constantly lack high frequencies, surely look towards green.

Create unique earphones, adapt their sounding under the source of a sound and favourite musical genres. FLC 8N can a lot of things!



FLC 8N the remarkable earphones capable to satisfy inquiries of the most exacting music lovers thanks to a possibility of thin fine tuning of a sound. Just imagine, 36 variations!

And still they have a rich set, high quality of assembly, pleasant design and the thought-over ergonomics. As they say, chic, gloss, beauty!

And the cost of FLC 8N taking into account such many-sided sound and a complete set quite philanthropic.

And if you were interested in sound chameleons of FLC 8N, then I without shadow of doubt recommend them for purchase.


Sound with a large number of settings, a rich set, quality of assembly, design, ergonomics.


Possibility of loss of small filters, it is necessary to be accurate during their replacement.

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