HanSound Audio Aegis: streaming silk

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Today we will continue our conversation about IEM/CIEM cables, simultaneously touching on the “philosophical” topic: “Burn-in it or listen to "cold”. On this occasion, our company HanSound, which had previously been able to braid my audiophile heart with its creations, was our guest here. This time, our Aegis cable penetrated our editorial office, and I must admit, I’m just glad to warm up (and warm up) this “snake” on my chest!

For those who missed, let me remind you that HanSound Audio is a relatively young player in the cable industry, but already having a wide range of IEM/headphone cables that have an attractive design, convenience and, most importantly, have the most positive effect on sound.

Text by Alexey Kashirskey aka Hans Barbarossa



We thanks the HanSound Audio brand and the online store music-sanctuary.com for providing a sample for review.




4-wire with OCC silver-gold alloy and OCC copper litz

Gauge: 23AWG

Super soft to minimize the stethoscope effect

Standard plug: FURUTECH CF-735 or CF-7254

Appearance and kit

Aegis comes in a small, pretty black box with a silver brand logo, which is similar to an overgrown hieroglyph and a sophisticated labyrinth, already familiar from previous models of HanSound cables.





HanSound Aegis is a four-core cable consisting of two conductors: ultra-pure single-crystal copper litz wire with a unique multi-layered twisting geometry (OCC copper litz) and single-crystal copper coated with an alloy of silver and gold (OCC silver-gold alloy). Each wire is based on DuPont Kevlar aramid fiber, which provides maximum strength and resistance to stretching. The insulation used is a thin transparent PVC, soft, resilient and UV resistant.




The cable is made by braiding, it is extremely flexible, pleasant tactile and has no memory effect.


When ordering, you can optionally select several types of connectors (2pin, MMCX, QDC, UE, Fitear, A2DC, etc.) and jack plugs (FURUTECH CF-735 or CF-7254).


In my case, the cable is fitted with: FURUTECH CF-735 and 2pin connectors, which are suitable for several models of my CIEM and IEM.




The cable looks gorgeous: it is golden brown, and the combination of silver connectors, the design look of the Furutech connector, along with the metal splitter, made in the same style, makes Aegis stylish and unique.




The structure of the cable allows you to quickly and easily place the cable behind the ear, and also eliminates the skin from unpleasant friction. Also, Aegis does not have a microphone effect, which is good news.

The build quality of the cable, its appearance, ergonomics - all above all praise. But the main trump card Aegis, as you probably guess, is not that.



HanSound Aegis connected to my CIEM: Vision Ears VE8, 64 audio A18, 64 audio A12t, Jomo Haka and Custom ART FIBAE 2.


Sound sources DAP/DAC-AMP

Portable - Lotoo Paw Gold, iFi micro iDSD Black Label, iFi xDSD

Stationary - MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, QLS DA9.1 Melokin.

With all the models listed CIEM, HanSound Aegis made friends great. I especially liked the bundle with Vision Ears VE8, so with them we will do the main audition.


In this part of my story I’m allow myself the announced small digression and think about the “mystical” effect of burn-in (approximately 50 hours) of acoustic cables. And if to speak quite specifically: does this procedure affect the sound of IEM/headphones?



I will not hide, even a few years ago, I myself would have questioned the effectiveness of such manipulations. Now my verdict is this: there is a change, although not very significant. The result depends on the specific models. In the case of one cable, the sound may become more emotional and vibrant, with the other - smoother or darker, with the third - to remain completely unchanged. I emphasize that these are not striking differences, but light shades-semitones, which for some people in general may be invisible.

But back to the hero of our review. The case of Aegis can be compared with photo processing in RAW. When the source file is correct, honest, but slightly detached, the picture is transformed, comes to life, finds its charm, individuality and harmony.



Vision Ears VE8 in conjunction with the HanSound Aegis demonstrate excellent tonal balance with an accurate velvety low-frequency range, unusually rich, detailed and smooth, like a polished sea pebble, mids, as well as a clear and refined high-frequency range.


The cable helps all instruments sound more accurate and naturalistic, affects their separation, and also slightly expands the stereo panorama. In general, the sound becomes more noble and timbre rich.

The overall sound performance of the IEM becomes more balanced, thick, smooth and extremely harmonious. Due to the greater linearity of the sound, the main focus occurs on the mid-frequency range, which at the same time coherently and inseparably interacts with other registers.


The low-frequency range pleases with an accurate and dense beat, filled with a dense bodily base with a natural timbre. The bass is fed smoothly and articulated. This is a linear manner, and quantitatively it is not much. For example, with a VE8 stock cable, it is quantitatively larger, and it has slightly better speed characteristics, but the quality of the work, the timbre and the charming naturalistic-analog style are found in conjunction with Aegis. This is a beautiful, warm and comfortable sound processing.

The mids is the main merit of Aegis! This is the most natural, timbre rich and detailed manner of presentation. The picture is drawn harmoniously, reliably, in thick and warm colors. Each instrument and sound is filled with a dense, lively bodily base. Positioning tools in space is verified and realistic.

It is smooth, flowing like silk, and at the same time emotional performance. The vocals strike with their lively and unusually expressive, life-filled manner. The keyboard and string instruments saturate the timbre palette, and the violins sound so heartfelt that you begin to pick up the smell of warmed rosin coming from the bow. In general, all this is beautiful and with a due shade of expression.

High frequencies are transmitted cleanly, clearly, unusually smooth and rich. This is a weighty manner, not crumbling into its constituents, without the slightest hint of brightness and distortion. The high-frequency register neatly draws attention to itself, but this is not due to a sharp burst, but rather because of a light forcing, with a more lively filling with a dense, weighty substance. As a result, the sound is clear, embossed, realistic and comfortable.


But Just like any high-quality cable, HanSound Aegis, without changing the basic character of the sound, brings it to a higher level, adds a little shade, allowing the headphones to open and sound in all their glory.



My acquaintance with HanSound Aegis passed the highest mark for me. At the same time, I repeat, the assessment of the effect of cables on sound is a subtle and subjective topic. This is not an algebra with exact formulas, but versification, where one is fascinated by an elegant flight of thought, and the other sees just rhymed lines. But personally, I can describe the contribution of Aegis to the sound of the headphones exclusively complimentary.

It should be noted also the highest performance of the cable and its convenience.

To date, HanSound Aegis in the official online store music-sanctuary.com will cost $ 367. The amount is normal, and in my opinion, it is worth it. If you need a replacement cable or want to get more from the headphones, then pay close attention to Aegis.


Pros - Sound, quality, convenience, price

Cons - No

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