iBasso IT07: Comprehensive Heaven

O heaven, let me be beautiful,

To the earth that comes down from above,

And radiant and impassive,

And all-encompassing as thou art.

                 D. Merezhkovsky

Hi Friends!

It is so difficult for me to translate these poetic lines, we lose rhyme, but I hope that I was able to convey the meaning of the verse to you.

I do not know how the poet of the Silver Age Merezhkovsky could describe our today's guest so accurately, but the fact remains - the lines that open our review ideally characterize both the appearance and musical style of the new flagship headphones from iBasso. Perhaps the whole thing is in the noosphere - the thinking shell around the Earth, but I will not say this. 

Yes, I finally got the IEM IT07 model, with which I was so looking forward to meeting! These wonderful in-ear monitors are built in a hybrid scheme and each have seven drivers on board. They also have the ability to tune the sound using acoustic filters.

It's no secret that every new iBasso development is a remarkable event for me personally, because getting to know any creation of this company is always an interesting and exciting activity. Needless to say, this time too, my expectations were fully justified? These IEMs not only allow you to deeply enjoy the music you listen to, but also bring romance and poetry to life!

And before I start writing poetry instead of writing a review, let's immediately get down to the heavenly IT07.


Text: Alexey Kashirskey (aka Hans Barbarossa)


Type: in-ear / hybrid

Drivers (7): 1 (10mm High Magnetic Flux Dynamic Driver) + (6 Knowles BA Drivers)

Impedance: 16Ohm.

Frequency range: 5Hz-40kHz.

Sensitivity: 108dB/mW.


Noise isolation: -30dB.

2.5mm-3.5mm connector included in the package.

Appearance, kit and ergonomics

The "Seven's" arrived in an elegant black leather-wrapped box with the "iBasso Audio" logo embossed on the lid, which is in a cardboard box.


We open the lid of the magic box and extract all the contents from it: a metal case-washer with an IT07 IEM inside, a removable cable with an adapter (2.5 mm / 3.5 mm), 12 pairs (one more is already installed on the headphones) silicone tips , two pairs of foam tips, a metal plate with three pairs of acoustic filters (black, silver, gold) and mandatory warranty documents. Wow, how much is there! Without hesitation, we put five plus for the set. 




We take out IT07 ourselves and start admiring it. The azure mother-of-pearl polymer cases are handcrafted, polished to perfection and look extraordinarily beautiful. You hold in the palm of your hand these two pieces of the spring sky with floating whitish clouds and you forget where you are and why you even got these IEMs. How romantic and poetic IT07 looks!



The iBasso slogan "InTune" shimmers on the faceplate. On the inside of the shell, there is a metal sound tube with a wind-up acoustic filter, which also protects the IEM from moisture and sulfur. Slightly below there are two compensation holes, on top - a gold-plated connector for connecting the MMCX cable.




IT07 is quite lightweight and extremely ergonomic, you can wear them for as long as you like without discomfort. It is expected to be worn behind the ear.

Inside each IEM fit one (DD) 10mm Tesla coil driver, six (BA knowles) drivers, and a 4-way crossover.

Sound insulation is above average, and if you choose the right tips, you can stay tete-a-tete with your favorite music and not be distracted by the hustle and bustle of the outside world.




The 4-core braided cable is made of high quality silver litz wire. It is silver-colored, braided, very elastic, with MMCX connectors, a 2.5 mm TRRS balanced jack and an adapter to 3.5 mm TRS, all in the same style.



Well, a few words about filters:

Silver - neutral with a slight high-frequency accent

Black - emphasizes the lower and midrange

Gold - for those who like to highlight low frequencies


And since we have already started talking about the sound features of the IT07, it's time to move on to the next section of the review.

Sound impressions

Listening (audio testing) was conducted on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, iFi iDSD Diablo, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso 220 MAX, iBasso DX300, QLS QA-361 & iFi HIP DAC.

Most of the time testing was done with silver (gray) filters.

My regular readers, probably, have already learned the next passage by heart, but in this case, it is better to no overlook it: I recommend that you take a responsible approach to the process of selecting tips, since they make a noticeable contribution to the creation of a sound picture.

With all devices, the "seven's" played excellently, their voice slightly changed depending on the sound source.


I would describe the sound of iBasso IT07 as tending to neutral, with a good transfer of the emotional component, high resolution, a well-boosted section in the low-frequency register, smooth, detailed and extremely musical, melodious mids and slightly sparkling high-frequency range. All material is presented reliably, thoroughly and utterly melodic.



IT07s deliver a balanced, dense and euphonious sound, with a harmonious display of micro and macro contrast.

The musical canvas is drawn widely, in detail, with good separation of instruments, a clear transfer of textures, timbres and a scrupulous display of small nuances of the composition.

It is a dynamic and proportionate manner, where the drawn audio images, exquisitely intertwining, but not interfering with each other, line up in a sophisticated soundscape. iBasso IT07 has excellent stereo panorama and good resolution, presenting compositions legibly, smoothly, broadly and musically.




The beat is precise, deep, going to the very bottom, the bass parts are worked out richly, richly, bitingly and distinctly. The dynamic driver is well tuned and therefore capable of a lot. He easily cools our ears with crisp pops and solid, tight "pump". The bass is textured, rounded and agile, filling the middle with warmth and lively bodily substance. There is not even a hint of hum and bubbling, but there is a clear working out of the lower range, which most tactfully contributes to the overall tonality.

Accuracy and intelligibility, relief and comfort - working out the midbass takes not so much quantity as quality and reliability, demonstrating an excellent transfer of textures and energy. And if you wish, you can add or subtract Lows, for this we have acoustic filters.

The mids are smooth, detailed, comfortable and melodic. Here, no detail escapes the listener. Musical images are drawn large, convex and tangible. The middle is extremely expressive and is not spoiled by sharp annoying peaks and any distortions. IT07 gorgeously convey the emotional component of the composition. They easily captivate the listener with their melodic manner and do not let go until the very end of listening to the composition.

Vocal parts are conveyed purely and emotionally, and strings sound rich and realistic. The timbres and reverberations are very good: natural, musical, deep and bewitching. I would call this presentation of sound solid, melodic, extremely smooth and detailed at the same time.

High frequencies are reproduced clearly and harmoniously. There is a slight accent here, around 7-8 kHz, but it is presented quite correctly and does not in any way refer to annoying factors. Highs add a bit of breadth, expression and fresh air to the overall sound. They do not try to amaze the listener with refined manners and refined after-sounds, but at the same time they are conveyed quite cleanly and beautifully, intelligibly and competently, legibly, without excessive harshness and obvious simplification. This is an expanded, rather spacious and beautiful presentation.



Well, do not forget that we can always tune the sound to our taste using acoustic filters.


In terms of genre preferences, iBasso IT07 are not whimsical at all: they play very interestingly both classical music, instrumental, jazz, electronics, rock, and brutal genres.


In my opinion, the engineers of the iBasso company once again coped with their task brilliantly, making the IT07 a delight for both ears and eyes. Impressive sound, housed in an elegant body, is the key to the success that this model no doubt awaits.

These IEMs turned out to be interesting in everything: chic design, ergonomics, good kit and, most importantly, good sound with its captivating charm and graceful flavor. Such an audio signature, in my opinion, should be of interest to an extremely wide range of listeners.

IT07 is clearly the flagship model of IEM without discounts or reservations. These are the IEMs that will adorn any audiophile collection and delight even the most ambitious high-quality sound lovers.

The MSRP for the seven's from iBasso is $899. Considering all the above listed advantages of the model, I consider this cost quite acceptable and highly recommend IT07 for purchase.



Sound, ergonomics, design, workmanship, kit.


No, although the price is still high.

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