iBasso IT00: MythBusters

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It is a pleasure to write about new products from the iBasso Audio brand, since any development of them is always something interesting and attractive. So, it would seem, what can surprise IEMs with one dynamic emitter? After all, in this "clearing" everything was trampled down many years ago, and it seems that nothing really remarkable can be expected anymore. But if true experts in the field of sound take on the job, then you can safely cast aside your skepticism and get ready for the next “yummy” from iBasso.

Well, to be more specific, our guest is IEM IT00, which easily destroy the above stereotypes. This is a budget model based on one dynamic emitter, which really turned out to be a feast for the eyes: good-looking, extremely comfortable and, most importantly, has a neutral, well-balanced sound.

The desire to make high-quality sound available is worthy of exclusively respect, but we will save our compliments for the end of the review, but for now let's go to unpack the IT00, admire them and listen-listen-listen.


Text: Alexey Kashirskey (aka Hans Barbarossa)


Driver Configuration: 10mm Dynamic (Multi layered graphene diaphragm incorporated in a unique dual Helmholtz resonators driver)

Sensitivity: 106dB +/- 2dB

Impedance: 16Ω

Frequency Range: 10Hz – 35kHz

Appearance, kit and ergonomics

IT00 is carefully packed in two pieces. The first is a small cute white super cover: on top is the name of a well-known brand for all of us, IEM photo, model index "IT00" and the designation of the type of activity - "audiophile in-ear monitors". Detailed specifications are shown on the back.



Under the cover of the super cover is a blue box with an embossed brand logo, inside which we find what we are looking for: the IT00 itself, inlaid in a foam base, a round leather case with a zipper for storing and transporting IEM, a rich set of silicone tips (9 pairs) of different sizes, metal filters to protect sound pipes, replacement cable and warranty instructions.





IT00 looks sleek and attractive. Small glossy white shell made of quality plastic. Its shape reminded me of a friend of the robot WALL-E - a kind of cute cyberpunk.






IT00 is lightweight and extremely comfortable. For ergonomics, they get a solid A from me. With the fit in the ear, everything is just fine. This is perhaps one of the most convenient general purpose IEMs that I have come across. In general, get ready to listen to your favorite music for long hours, the IT00s have it.

Wearing is implied behind the ear. On the outside of the shells there are the names of the "iBasso Audio" brand and the model itself - IT00. On the inside, in addition to the metal sound pipe, there are two compensation holes, which contribute to better performance of the dynamic radiator. Above is the MMCX connector for connecting the cable.




The mesh filters on the metal sound guides of the headphones are twisted, they do not affect the sound, but they reliably protect against moisture, earwax and dust from getting inside. Changing them is simple and quick: unscrewed, changed the grid, put them back in place.



Inside each of the headphones, there is one 10 mm dynamic emitter, which is worth talking about in more detail. It has a 5μm thick multilayer graphene diaphragm with fast response speed, low distortion and a double Helmholtz resonator. Impressive!

Braided black cable is made of high purity OFC oxygen-free copper. It is lightweight and resilient with soft silicone earhooks. MMCX connectors, 3.5 mm jack plug angled. The connectors are common, and you can easily pick up another cable for the IEM if you want. However, the stock cable is also quite good.




In general, the set, appearance, workmanship and convenience of IT00 evoke extremely positive emotions in me. Although I'm afraid to over praise, there is only one thing to say here: well done iBasso!

Moreover, the main dish of our audiophile dinner party is ahead of us - sound, and it will not disappoint us either.


Listening (audio testing) was conducted on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso DX220, iBasso DX220 MAX, QLS QA-361, iFI xDSD, HIP-DAC & iFI micro iDSD Black Lable.

The earbuds were initially burn-in for 50 hours. The IEM played well with all devices.

I recommend that you take a responsible approach to the process of selecting tips, as they make a noticeable contribution to the creation of a sound picture.



The IT00's sound is balanced, with a well-developed low-frequency range, smooth and informative mids, as well as a precise, unobtrusive, but slightly simplified high-frequency range.

The audio canvas is drawn spaciously, contrastingly and naturally.


This is a fairly neutral way of delivering sound, while still having a smooth and natural shape. The earbuds skillfully strike a balance between serious academic techniques and preserving the graceful emotional component of the music. This is the time to talk about the extremely competent tuning of the dynamic emitter. Thanks to her, we do not hear any obvious imbalances in the tonal balance, everything is clear, precise, even and to the point. The sound delivery is extremely clean and well balanced.

Due to such correct sound "neutrality", IT00s are ready for almost any genre. They play interestingly both instrumental music, jazz, electronics, rock, and more brutal styles. Although, the latter, nevertheless, may lack a little pressure, shock and mass.

Also worth noting is the overall smoothness and decent sound detail. Compositions are conveyed cleanly and in detail, here each sound is clearly outlined in space. IT00 pleases with good resolution and quite decent speed characteristics. I can't even believe that there is only one speaker installed inside.


The bass for the dynamic driver is quite accurate and nimble, with good control and high-quality texture processing. It is served extremely smoothly, smoothly and carefully. Quantitatively, it is not much, but there are no questions about the quality of working out, it is on par with the rest of the frequency range. It is smooth, embossed and very comfortable.

The drum kit sounds clearly and quite sharply, and the midbass goes almost on par with the mids.

Mids are smooth, smooth and natural. Here, each musical image is endowed with its own bodily basis. This is an extremely melodic manner, where all sounds or instruments are in their correct place in space. Strings, wind and vocal parts sound pleasant and elegant. Smooth, a little restrained, but at the same time expressive.

The sound canvas is drawn harmoniously, reliably, with a spreading stereo panorama, in neutral warm colors. It is a well-balanced, smooth and at the same time emotional performance, where all the elements of the composition sound precise, large and versatile.

High frequencies are delivered in a clear and comfortable manner. Although they are not aggressive, they nevertheless attract a little attention. This register is a little simple, there is a slight crumbling here, but at the same time it sounds comfortable, bringing a bit of air and idle mood to the overall musical picture.



I believe that those who need excessive "air" or pumping bass, these headphones are hardly suitable. But lovers of full-sounding and naturalistic presentation of the IT00 will delight with their extremely musical and comfortable manner of sound presentation.

In dry residue

Lows are well balanced, comfortable, with precise kick and harmonious bass.

Mids are flat, smooth, detailed, with good transfer of the emotional part, decent resolution, without peaks that disturb the ear, neutral and naturalistic.

Highs are precise and smooth. They are transmitted intelligibly, but slightly simplified. There is a small "color" in this register, but it does not spoil the overall picture and is comfortably perceived by ear.



The engineers of the iBasso company once again held a practical master class for us and showed that they can design a cool thing in any price segment. Their new IEMs, in my opinion, turned out to be extremely interesting. The IT00s look stylish and deliver quality neutral sound - a winning combination that can appeal to both novice audiophiles and hard-core sound audiophiles, especially since these IEMs will be affordable for almost everyone.

On the manufacturer's website, IT00 costs only $ 69. Considering the good kit, great design, build quality, ergonomics and, most importantly, good sound, I consider this proposal to be one of the best in its category.

Pros - Sound, design, kit, build quality, price

Cons - Not

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