Jomo audio Haka: Powerful daring on service of harmony

Hi, friends! Doesn't cease to please us with interesting novelties year 2018, and it, no doubt, is healthy. Today we will get acquainted with the next know-how: the custom in-ear monitors from Singaporeans Jomo audio. This producer has already got popularity at fans of a high-quality sound CIEM models: Flamenco, Samba, Jomo6R, etc.

Now Jomo audio have set for themselves the difficult task to make classical model on the basis of one BA receiver which at the same time could win back the widest audio range and give a sound from which competitors will quietly begin to cry on corners. So HAKA was born.

Text by Alexey Kashirsky aka Hans Barbarossa
We thank Jomo Audio for providing this CIEM for listening.



Single Proprietary Precision Balanced Armature Driver

No crossover

3D printed ergonomic semi-custom shell design

FR: 20Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity: 107dB

Impedance: 18 ohms @ 1K Hz


Appearance, set and ergonomics

I will begin with the fact that Haka are manufactured both in universal, and in custom option.

For production of the individual version you at first should address in the center of hearing, to make their impressions of your ears and to send them to Jomo audio laboratory. After that it is necessary only to look forward to arrivals of the exclusive earphones.

Such HAKA have arrived to me one day.

In a small black cardboard box I have found earphones with a removable cable (a fork 2pin, L-shaped jack 3,5mm), a small round case from leatherette for carrying and storage of earphones, a brush for care of sound bores, the adapter 3,5/6,3 of mm and an adapter/fork for listening of music at the height of 10 thousand m above the ground. At the universal version there are 3 couples more of usual silicone tips and 3 couple 2 flange tips.




In my option CIEM have been made of acrylic in fascinating nacreous violet-white stains. Station wagons are made in black glossy color with sound waters of brass. I suspect that handwriting of these versions though it isn't considerable, but can differ. First, because of metal sound bore. Secondly, in a case with versatile persons there is an opportunity to play with replaceable tips that can give to sounding this or that shade. But it is only my guesses.

Cable from the silvered copper, wattled, silvery color, easy and elastic.

I can't but note that earphones are made perfectly. They are ideal in carrying and at the same time have so remarkable appearance so in breaks between music they can admire for hours, as on creation of the talented sculptor.




Listening was carried out on MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, iBasso DX200, Lotoo paw Gold, Lotoo paw 5000 MK2, and iFI micro iDSD Black Lable.

The Cable: Han Sound Audio Redcore.


With all devices earphones were won back at extremely high level, the separate praise of Jomo HAKA is received for synergy with iFI micro iDSD Black Lable and Lotoo paw Gold.

My acquaintance to Jomo Haka took place as at weightlifters in three approaches.

Already the first fluent approach to earphones has shown their remarkable potential.

The next meeting because of my cold has been greased, but for the third time,

And when I have fastened to them the Han Sound Audio Redcore cable, everything has risen on the places and has played as it is necessary.



The Haka show good tonal balance with a little forced low frequencies, the smooth detailed middle and the exact, moderately dipped high-frequency range.

Sounding of Jomo audio Haka smooth, neutral, without pronounced peaks and failures.

Haka gives out massive, not similar to other 1 BA reinforcing earphones, a sound. At their blind listening it is possible to confuse with the good 3 ore 4 BA IEM models easily.

Low frequencies strike powerful, but at the same time with a little softened blow going to the bottom, and dense well fulfilled midbasy.

Because of such sparing processing of bottoms some aggressive compositions become less angry, on the other hand, this smoothed power disposes to long and comfortable listening of music.

Average frequencies move smoothly, in details, easy and melodiously.

Musical images are drawn largely, with a live corporal shade. The middle is rich, adult, without the slightest hint on distortions and excessive expressivity.

I would call this giving dense and detailed at the same time. She harmoniously merges with a low-frequency range and is accurately complemented with the high-frequency register.

Jomo Haka draw quite massive and organic picture with good detail, excellent study of timbres and the corporal image of sound images, giving them in "the natural scale".

An impression is made in places that these large musical images a droplet lack space width, but at the same time working off of depth of virtual space tremendous.

High frequencies sound accurately, purely, and is smooth, without the slightest hint on brightness and distortions. Quantitatively it is a little of them, but to quality of their working off of claims personally I have no. They,

obeying the general musical manner, give all the efforts to please to comfortable perception of a sound.

The general musical cloth is drawn in neutral warm colors, in a "monitor" manner.


Haka excellently win back jazz and classics, fascinating by the naturalistic manner of sounding. Cello, a contrabass, violins are transferred saturated and richly. Also they well are successful in a New Wave, fate and electronics.

And here to working off of some heavy genres there are questions. For example, "You Against You" the Slayer groups win back ears though with a due pressure, good speed, but without aggression inherent in similar compositions. At the general massiveness this thing sounds, in my opinion, is excessively smooth, a little imposingly, somehow excessively comfortably, without shaving and sharp guitar reeves and sparkling plates. But it, of course, all matter of taste.

But when you include Adam Ant "Strip", the 80th appear at us in all beauty. The composition moves most melodiously, exactly and accurately, displaying each nuance, with an emotional spark inherent in her. Very beautifully the vocal, string and violins sounds.

We switch to Madness "Yesterday’s Men" and we receive equal, harmonious and very detailed musical picture with tremendous transfer of an emotional component. And the voice part sounds so vividly and naturally that you close eyes and you turn into the microphone in which sings Saggs.

And there is more to come. How Haka have won back a new album David Byrne "American Utopia", it is possible to write separately the essay.

Tremendous working off of space and sound images in him. Trembling of strings, reverberation of a sound board, each pressing a grand piano key - everything sounds most authentically. And here the sweeping-away "heavy artillery" of the synthesized sound enters! And again return to a chamber manner. The calm and a storm which are smoothly passing each other. And on their background Byrne directly before you velvet broadcasts:

"How the rumour got started

One can only guess

And the truth don't mean nothing

If you ain't got the cash..."

Transfer of the atmosphere and detail tremendous. I give a standing ovation!



Engineers of the Jomo company, in my opinion, with gloss have embodied the impudent plans where, apparently, already all well-groomed and can be nothing new.

I would never think that in this model there is only one reinforcing receiver as Haka so as if in them at least four, well or one of the size of lollipop sounds.

Haka is that case when the more you listen, the more it is pleasant. As if you comprehend a zen.

Well and about the price. On the official site of producer she is designated in 450 USD for custom option and 380 USD - for universal. Considering present price level, I consider such price tag quite democratic.



Sound, ergonomics, appearance, quality of production, price.


No, at this price

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