Lark Studio LSX: charm of a sweet-voiced little bird

Recently, the skylark fluttered to my window sill and at once charmed me with its flurry chirping. We quickly became friends, and I learned that my guest had flown in from distant lands specifically to amaze the true connoisseurs of bird trills with his singing.


But I will not fool you anymore and pretend to be an ornithologist, my lark - these are wonderful 10-driver IEM from the young Chinese brand Lark Studio. And this bird, I must say, has an impressive coloratura. Hurry to hear!



Drivers: 10x Balanced armature drivers per side

Crossover: 4-Way passive crossover design w/ AVX Oxicap Capacitors Vishay Resistors

Impedance: 19–20 ohms

Sensitivity: 109–110 dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

Appearance and set


Packaging-book of thick black cardboard resembles an old volume in a good binding. From above on the center the name of the brand “Lark Studio” is displayed in red stamping.



Components from the category of "all inclusive": the IEM themselves with a removable cable, tips: four pairs of silicone (SpinFit), two pairs of foam (Comply), leather case, microfiber cloth, adapter for listening to the plane, adapter 3.5 / 6, 3 mm brush for the care of sound tubes, two rubber rings / couplers and a plastic warranty VIP card of a client Lark Sudio.



By the way, earphones can be ordered both in a universal and custom (CIEM - made on the cast of your ear). In this case, you get another branded PELI CASE. As a matter of fact, this universal version, is a sample of custom headphones.


LSX stands for: L – Lark / S – Studio / X – 10 (BA).

The acrylic shell is wonderful. It is small and very convenient. Shell - transparent, sky-blue color, through which you can see BA drivers and crossover. On the blue-blue faceplate, they crumbled and froze, like stars, iridescent sparkles.




On the left earpiece the "LS" logo is displayed in silver, the graceful profile of the lark is on the right. Everything is elegant and artistic.


Inside each IEM fit ten BA receivers / drivers: 3 are responsible for low frequencies, 4 - for medium, 2 - for high frequencies and 1 tweeter "Super High". There was also a place and passive 4-way crossover. And on the tip of the sound pipe, in a small recess, there are two holes, to which acoustic tubes are connected.



The cable is of high quality, four-core, made by braiding with a pigtail, not the most elastic, but cute: TRS 3.5mm plug is straight with gold, connectors are 2pin. When ordering, you can choose a cable from the brand PWA.



Well, now it's time to listen to music!



Listening was carried out on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, QLS DA 9.1 Melokin, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso DX200 (AMP7), iFI xDSD, iFI micro iDSD Black Lable, & QLS QA-361.




With all devices IEM were won back wonderfully well, the handwriting changed slightly depending on the source, giving the LSX its own unique hue.





It is worth noting that after 20-30 hours of use, the sound of the earphones has changed for the better, adopting a smoother, darkened and enveloping manner of presentation. The changes are not cardinal, but, nevertheless, they have the most beneficial effect on the final formation of the LSX palette.



The LSX demonstrate clear, powerful, dense, dynamic and extremely beautiful sound with a scrupulous display of all the small nuances and dark background. This is not the sound of studio monitors, it is a cinematic, captivating manner produced by a high-end home audio system.

The resulting picture is similar to the image provided by a large 4K high-definition TV and luxurious color reproduction.


Sound images are saturated, accurate and contrasted. The musical landscape is drawn with the finest strokes, which are woven into the general rhythm of color and tone. They harmoniously line up, forming a colorful and elegant holographic composition. This is a modern, expressive and extremely musical manner of presentation.



The sound of the Lark Studio LSX can be described as “juicy”, detailed, comfortable and melodic. It is layer by layer saturated with color, sustained in warm colors. And all this is complemented by a powerful bass making a dark rich background, and a light, unobtrusive spark.

The result is chic, bohemian manners and amazing musicality.


The low-frequency range is neatly forced, the bass is powerful, precise and well textured.


The mid-range is smooth, clean, extremely melodious and informative.


The high-frequency range is neatly accented, served comfortably, without sharp bursts. This is a picturesque spark, which, like fireworks, effectively shimmers, illuminating the night sky.


This is a warm, detailed, pure, emotional sound with an unheard of musicality.


And although the LSX still have a V-shaped frequency response, where the mids remain in place, gently accentuating the mid-to-high interface, and the edges of the frequency range are forcefully forced, the sound is surprisingly well balanced. These well-placed accents give the LSX sound the very “juiciness”, beauty and emotionality.



For example Kovacs «It's the Weekend»

Loose guitar jerky scatter chords between beats, inclining to idleness and fun.

Tight and relief bass defilely between the point punches of a drummer. The resulting clear rhythmic construct orders the listener: "Stand up and dance!".

Kovax's vocals, pushed forward a bit, lead the main melody in their indifferently reckless manner:

Cause it's the weekend, weekend, weekend

Nothing's going on

Yeah, it's the weekend, weekend, weekend

I swear there's nothing wrong.


The sound is smooth, expressive and melodic. LSX, expressively chasing every beat, melodiously convey the emotional component of the composition. So I want to go out, find a carefree company and hang out till dawn!


Or you can switch to Tina Turner "Private Dancer". And now you are already riding in a posh limousine and with interest you are looking at the shop windows and neon lights glittering with the signs of a big charming city. A drizzling rain drizzles from above, drops drip slowly down the windows of the car, leaving elegant wet strokes behind them, and behind them velvet heady notes roll down into their ears. LSX is foremost and atmospheric in the sensual core of this song, and Tina’s stunning voice beckons along like a rat-catcher from Hamelin.


LSX virtual space is drawn quite spacious, proportionate to the width and depth, creating a contrast multi-dimensional image.



The bottom line

Low frequencies dominate the rest of the band a bit, affecting hearing with a powerful, precise and rolling blow. The bass is embossed, fast, gives the overall sound depth and massiveness.


The mids is smooth, elegant and informative. It is served in detail, purely and emotionally, caressing the ear, rather than annoying it. String and vocals sound clearly and appetizing. The upper middle is gently pushed forward, which gives the vocal parts a bit of expression and elegance. The pleasure of listening to get extraordinary.


High frequencies are also neatly accented, but at the same time they sound clean, clear and precise, without a hint of scattering and distortion. They, like a handful of diamonds, playfully gleam in the sun and shimmer gracefully in its rays, adding to the sound of the width of space and a drop fresh air. It's a comfortable manner

This high-quality and comfortable sounding which can enjoy hours.




Lark Studio LSX are great IEM that can satisfy the most demanding music lovers and audiophiles. This is a true delight with immersion into the atmosphere of a beautiful and extremely musical sound.

What the LSX lacks a bit is the refinement, refined manners and improvisation. This is a good professional musician, but not a violinist from God. But this is not a sentence at all, but a remark. We are talking only about comparing LSX with more expensive virtuoso models of the highest top rank from famous brands.

Otherwise, everything is top notch. Without a doubt, this model deserves the closest attention.

Well, about the price. When ordering LSX on the website depending on the version you order (IEM / CIEM), the LSX model will cost $1699. That is how much is a lucky ticket to the magical country of music. And in my opinion, this is a “burning tour”, which you should immediately go to.




Comfortable & quality sound, ergonomics, appearance, product quality.



No (for someone is price)


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