Vision Ears VE8 custom in-ear monitors: Perfection in the eighth degree!

In a complex era we live in with it’s crazy speeds and rabid rhythms, all of us need to stop and take a deep breath in order to regain inner balance and it is absolutely necessary to have a secret place where you do not have to expend energy on passing and unimportant, but on the contrary, energized and ready for new life achievements. For someone, such an escape becomes a quiet walk through the autumn forest the others find reading of an interesting book closer to the hearts or perhaps a long reflections on the past, present and future.

I must confess, all these methods are fine, however for me the only and the most loyal companion is always will be music. I am sure that this is also true for many readers of these lines. And to such a close partner it is impossible not to make the highest demands. We all want our favorite tunes to sound natural, powerful and exciting. In general, you need a device that can transfer all the charm and every nuance of your favorite composition.

It's about such an embodied dream of every audiophile that I'll write about today. Meet the in-ear monitors with magic sound Vision Ears VE8


Text by Alexey Kashirskey aka Hans Barbarossa


Technicalities: Three-way-system with eight drivers:

2 x Bass – 2 x Mid – 4 x High

Sensitivity: 120dB SPL at 1 mW

Impedance: 22 Ohms ( at 1 kHz)

“Vision Ears” is a well-known and established German company from Cologne, which for many years has been engaged in the production of high-quality  custom in-ear monitors, as well as hearing protection.


Our personal “VisionEars”

You can order an individual model of custom IEM from the manufacturer's website at, choose the model you are interested in, the design and place an order.

And, if we talking about headphones design here, there is plenty of room to play with your imagination. Shell is available in a variety of colors and shades: transparent, matt, with interspersed sequins etc. The design of the faceplate can be chosen for any taste: for different types of wood, carbon, mirror, shiny, with the ability to apply to it your own drawing, yes, whatever you want!

Now back to ordering process. Mind you, there is a significant nuance, when referring to the centre of hearing for the impressions/imprints. Unlike most manufacturers who recommend using a bite block, keeping the mouth open, “Vision ears”, on the contrary, are asking to keep the mouth slightly closed while making the impressions/imprints, so that the jaw is relaxed.

The Next step is as always: you send the casts, pay for the order and wait for the arrival of your own exclusive CIEM.


Appearance, kit and ergonomics

The CIEM are shipped in a large presentable case made of black plastic with a stylish metal latch. On its upper lid is the brand logo, the inscription "VE High Class Custon IN-EARS" and the name of the lucky owner of this miracle!





Inside, in a gray velvet pouch, you find the VE8 CIEM with a cute silver braided cable (fork 2pin, jack straight 3.5mm), two dry-caps, a bottle with a special care for the earphones and a cloth for the same purpose, a cleaning tool, adapter 6.3 / 3.5mm and stickers-papers-warranties.

The design has been chosen by me same in which the VE8 model has been presented to public in the middle of last year: a light-purple transparent shell and faceplate, "splashed" by blue and violet paint. On the left CIEM VE logo, the name of the model VE8 - on right was placed. Gracefully and fascinating - beauty incredible!

The acrylic CIEM shell is simply impeccable. Even me, who has seen a lot of CIEM models, was struck by its perfection: every bend, every turn and convex so perfectly repeats the shape of my auricle and ear canal. 

Within each CIEM, eight BA receivers/drivers: 2-low frequencies / 2-Middle frequencies / 4-high frequencies. And at the tip, in a small depression, there are two sound pipe, to which acoustic tubes are connected, and through which sound waves pour directly to the eardrum.


The cable is four-stranded, made by weaving braids, extraordinarily light, soft and elastic. On the cable is a strap-sticker to twist it. TRS 3.5mm straight connector with gold, 2pin connectors, and this means, that you can easily choose another cable with the same connectors to the CIEM, if necessary.




And now the most important part of all  - let’s listen to some music!


Listening (audio testing) was conducted on iFI Pro iDSD, MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso DX200, iFI xDSD, and iFI micro iDSD BlackLable.

With all sources, the VE8 played above all praise.


To say that VE8 surprised me - do not say anything. From the earliest beats this CIEM impress with their energetic temperament and delightful sound: a powerful, timbre rich, and authentic music, as well as an even tonal balance.

Sound images are written out in the most filigree and completely natural way and as an overall result the musical scale turns out unbelievably harmonious and coherent.

The virtual stage is quite spacious; it perfectly builds in both in width and in depth.

The audio material is delivered smoothly, reliably, in detail and very musically. The excellent consistency of the BA drivers and the complete absence of phase distortions are striking.


Lows are neatly boosted in the sub-bass area, due to which the impact turns out to be massive, but accurate. The bass is fast, neutral, with good articulation; it perfectly delivers the depth of imaginary space, giving it a slightly warm undertone. Very natural and high-quality feed!

Mids are timbre rich, smooth, detailed and maximally natural. They deliver a living, thorough, beautiful and extremely reliable picture that harmoniously lined up in front of your eyes. Every sound, every instrument has its own weight, volume and texture.

The positioning of instruments in space is well-adjusted and realistic. Everything is in its place.

The transmission of the frequency range is smooth and completely neutral. The vocal parts do not disturb the hearing with sharp splashes and do not afflict the failures; they are pure, natural and unconstrained.

The emotional components of the composition are transmitted amazingly. Guitar riffs dissect the air, the keyboards saturate the timbre palette - all beautifully, at ease and with the proper shade of expression. Truly a living sound, the attentiveness of his drawing is simply astounding!

Highs is sounded lingeringly, subtly, legibly, with good articulation and enviable correctness. This is an unfolded, smooth and comfortable pitch. In this register there is an elegant and easy accent, but it is made correctly and accurately. There is no brightness, but there is an excellent working out of this range and a natural and extremely musical sound.



Billy Idol «Speed»

Fuss, pressure, power and the sea of adrenaline!

Guitars with their fuzzy roar tear the space to pieces and make you involuntarily twitch. The blows on the bass-barrel touch the whole body and are given away in it by vibrations. The bass is elastic, fast, clear, meets a wave of sound, cuts it and moves on.

Stunning speed and real drive!

Billy Idol acts as a chief in this fatal confusion, in haughty and slightly vulgar manner with a hoarse voice and sets the heat with pressure:


Give me what I need


White lightning

Let's speed, on speed

On wheels, on wheels


Oh, let it bleed

Yeah .. "

And then attention is again intercepted by the guitar with a thick and pulsating phrase, poured like a living. That's a yes!

Striking transfer of the atmosphere. It's pure pleasure, euphoria. Yes, baby, that's the sound, full of flying !!! I wanted to dance not just to dance, but to embark on the crazy Saint Vitus's Dance.


Did you want something more refined? Then we put Eddie Harris "Freedom Jazz Dance". And here in the ears bursts the syncopic turmoil. The drummer recklessly tapes complex dimensions on my eardrums, and the tips of the fingers feel the shaking of the strings of the double bass, as if I am sliding them around the neck. The pianist, meanwhile, sprinkles his head with chopped chords and passages, and a saxophone fluttering tantalizingly with his solo.

As you already knew, with any musical genre VE8 cope without problems.

As for the frequencies (In the dry residue)

Lows - with a powerful clap and a solid tactile impact in the sub-bass region, with a neutral, fast, embossed and well articulated bass.

Mids - timbre rich with good texture transfer and amazing resolution. Each sound has its own mass and terrain. The middle is detailed, lively and harmonious; it is served smoothly, organically and extraordinarily neutral.

Highs - clear, lingering, legible, with good articulation. They are served comfortably, cleanly and elegantly. Perfect.



Stunning CIEM. I think I'll never get tired of repeating at every opportunity that I'm delighted with them. Here everything is perfect: service, kit, wonderful design, and solid build, well in comparison with the sound of these "Germans" all possible epithets fade! Without a doubt, this is one of the best models of CIEM, and it deserves the highest awards.


SOUND!!! set, design, workmanship.


None, not mentioning the price.


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